Local Innovators Radio Tour Hits 3 Million Listeners Nationwide

Value of Water Coalition
May 25, 2016

As part of Infrastructure Week 2016, the Value of Water Coalition and our partners hosted a Local Innovators Tour to celebrate and spotlight local solutions to the nation's infrastructure crisis. As part of the tour, the Coalition launched a multi-city broadcast outreach efforts to highlight projects taking place around the nation and to underscore the crucial investments we must make to improve and replace the existing systems – especially water ones, which most Americans take for granted. The radio tour included 11 live and taped interviews in local markets featured in the Local Innovators Tour and national broadcasts. Collectively, the interviews generated 1,275 airplays and3 million gross impressions. 

Listen to the radio interviews from the campaign:

The Morning Briefing - Sirius XM POTUS Radio, National

The Bill Press Show - Dial Global Networks, National 

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick - Sirius XM Radio, National 

24/7 News Network, National 

Ohio News Connection, Ohio

Business for Breakfast - Money Radio, Phoenix, AZ

The Neal Steele Show - WXGM-AM/FM, Hampton, VA

WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, PA

KLIV-AM, San Jose, CA

Clean Up Your Act - KCCK-FM, Cedar Rapids, IA 

KFBK-AM/FM, Sacramento, CA