Partnering with Local Businesses to Imagine a Day Without Water

Excellence in Communications: KC Water 



Project Description:

As a part of the Value of Water Campaign’s annual “Imagine a Day Without Water” advocacy effort, we localized the important role water plays in one’s everyday life.  Knowing water is often taken for granted, we called out the simple daily tasks and luxuries that wouldn’t be possible without it.  We specifically targeted popular local coffee shops and breweries due to the vital role water plays in the creation of their products.  

Game Changer:

The response and feedback we received from customers via social media was exceptionally positive – many took the time to thank us for the quality product we provide and for making their daily lives more enjoyable as a result of everything water makes possible.

Secret to Success:

“Producing videos at local businesses, sharing the message collaboratively via social media, and delivering creative giveaways that businesses could easily utilize in their daily operations put a fun and personal touch on the campaign.  Strong relationships with local businesses were instrumental in amplifying our message and, through this effort, we were able to identify future partnership opportunities.”  – Brooke Givens, Media Relations Coordinator, KC Water

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